Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

In Breakfast, Chocolate, Gluten Free, HighProtein, Recipes, single-serving, SinlesslySweet On August 29, 2015 11 Comments

I made many of these while I was home this summer. And experimented with all different flavors. They are seriously the best. So easy, just combine a couple of… Read More »


What’s In My Gym Bag?

In Fitness, YouTubeVideos On August 27, 2015 11 Comments

I’ve seen a ton of people make videos on “what’s in my gym bag”, but with always going straight from home to the gym and back, I never… Read More »


Leg Day Workout + What I Ate in a Day

In Chocolate, Fitness, HighProtein, Recipes, SinlesslySweet, YouTubeVideos On August 24, 2015 11 Comments

One bad thing about working out by myself..I never can let you all see it (because I can’t really film myself) But I had my good friend come… Read More »


Fresh and Healthy Guacamole!

In Dips/Spreads/Butters, GameDay/Tailgating, Gluten Free, NoSugarAdded, paleo, Recipes, Savory/Meals, Snacks On August 21, 2015 17 Comments

My avocado tree is full! And you know what that means.. Well, yes, that I have lots of avocados.. But also that I’ll be making unlimited amounts of… Read More »


Top 10 Foods Fit People Eat

In Fitness, Health, YouTubeVideos On August 19, 2015 10 Comments

Wondering what some of the best kind of foods to have at all times and be eating a lot of? My friend GiGi over from GiGi Eats Celebrities and… Read More »

clean eating

Clean Eating and On the Go Options

In Health, Uncategorized On August 14, 2015 20 Comments

What is “clean eating”? How clean do you get until it becomes unhealthy? obsessive? and eating disorder? It is a verrry gray line to me, as some people… Read More »


Getting Back on Track + FREE August Health Calendar!

In Fitness, Uncategorized On August 13, 2015 16 Comments

Have you been traveling a lot or just enjoying your summer a little too much where you have gotten out of your fitness routine or just maybe eating… Read More »


Giant Breakfast Oatmeal Cookie {2 ingredients, GF}

In Breads/Baked Goods, Breakfast, Gluten Free, NoSugarAdded, Recipes, single-serving, SinlesslySweet, Snacks On August 10, 2015 30 Comments

Who would like to eat a cookie for breakfast..guilt-free?! This girl! That is why the other morning when I weirdly (or not so weirdly knowing me) woke up… Read More »


Intuitive Eating 101

In Fitness, Hashtag {#Real Life} Series, Health, YouTubeVideos On August 7, 2015 10 Comments

As I shared my story and past with you all through this video, and now continue to share my journey as I strive to live a fresh, fit… Read More »


I’m moving to LA?!

In Life Thoughts, Uncategorized On August 6, 2015 15 Comments

So as I told you all a little while ago, I went to California for TEN DAYS at the very end of July! But of course had posts… Read More »