{diy, gluten free} Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

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Say what?! Yes, homemade cereal. The kind we all loved as a kid, yet sadly gave us when realizing we probably should. But have no fear, I have… Read More »


FREE 1 Month to Spring Break Plan

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I mentioned in my Spicy Pumped Up Hummus post that I had a little something special coming in preparation for spring break.. Well with Spring Break just around… Read More »


Apple & Cheddar GF Scones

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Now I can’t lie and say I the biggest cheese fan..but there are a few combinations that include cheese that I adore. Apple and cheese being on of… Read More »


Spicy Hot Pumped Up Hummus

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Hot. Pumped Up. Spring Break is just around the corner, so these two words just felt fitting for this recipe. I love hummus. And it’s such a healthy… Read More »


8 Minutes to 6 Pack Abs

In Fitness On January 14, 2015 9 Comments

Who doesn’t have 8 minutes in their day to spare? This can be done ANYWHERE; no need for a gym. I posted this workout a LONG time ago… Read More »


Dinner Salad Take 2: sweet and savory

In Gluten Free, paleo, Recipes, Savory/Meals On January 13, 2015 10 Comments

I made a post a longgggg time ago of a dinner salad (back when my food photography skills were lacking and I used my iphone for photos haha,… Read More »


HealthIER Cocotini {aka, Pina Colada Martini}

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Hello delicious! Another 21-and-up recipe for all those that want to still have a drink in moderation, yet be as healthy as they can! After having a dinner… Read More »


Healthy Homemade Snacks

In Gluten Free, NoSugarAdded, Pumpkin, Recipes, Shakes/Smoothies, single-serving, SinlesslySweet, Snacks On January 7, 2015 2 Comments

Sometimes, you don’t want an elaborate recipe..simply just something you can pull out and eat as a healthy snack. Am I right? Especially as 2015 begins, we all… Read More »


Winter Workout: Cardio Time!

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Someone asked me what a great winter workout would be.. See, it is hard for me to answer that here in southwest florida, because let’s be honest, winter… Read More »


New Year’s Resolutions {Goals & Thoughts for 2015}

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Everyone does it. Every single year. New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately for most, they are shortly forgotten about a few weeks later, and never accomplished throughout the year. I… Read More »