A fun, quick, effective, at home bootay workout to get those buns strong and burning! No equipment needed for this butt building workout!

Who’s ready to make that booty burn?!

Now I may not have a butt like Jennifer Lopez, but I like to try to work on it anyways :p

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Sorry for those that do watch my youtube channel as I know I’ve been quite, how shall I say…sporadic! My masters program and work with the student athletes at Florida State has got me VERY tied up! But I will be trying to make more videos again! (so subscribe here so you don’t miss out!)

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But for now..I leave you off with a GREAT yet QUICK (12 minutes total!) workout that will get that bootay burning!

Time can’t be an excuse with these type of workout videos I’m posting like this 12 minute bootay burning one, or that quick ab burning one (see HERE)!

Who’s doing this today?!

What is your FAVORITE butt exercise?!

What is your favorite body part to work??

& lastly, what workout do you want to see NEXT?! (stay tuned to TODAYS video on my channel for one with a RANDOM OBJECT!)