30 Day Challenge

Begins September 11th!

30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

"Instead of saying you don't have time to do it, try saying it's not a priority, and then see how that feels"


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And get the resources & accountability you need for 30 days begin to creating a truly healthy lifestyle! Daily inspiration, workouts and health challenges for 30 days + a community of others on the same mission the entire time.

Create the best environment for you to reach your goals.

Now is your time to begin creating a life that makes you feel great through small daily steps and accountability.

Imagine a life where you are:

  • Eating the foods you love and still reaching your goals
  • Controlling food intake without meticulous measuring or counting
  • Daily inspired through positive words first thing in the moring
  • Daily challenged through health-focused challenges that make it fun and inspire new things
  • Daily encouraged and kept accountable by both a dietitian and community of people on the same mission as you
  • Create habits that are long-lasting and lead to health, happiness, and energy... totally free from the obsessive calorie counting, militant exercise, and the imprisoning "healthy" lifestyle you may have been living.

This 30 Day Challenge Includes :

  • Daily emails sent every morning with: 1 health challenge, 1 workout done at home, 1 positive inspiration to get your day started right
  • Access to a private FB Group exlusively for challenge members, where you can connect with one another & find real support, accountability, and encouragement
  • 1 Weekly Facebook Live within the FB goup for a 15min talk on a specifc topic requested and then 15min Q&A with the dietitian
  • Receive encouragement and support from your coach and dietitian, Sarah Grace 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Plan Template to fill out your indvidual needs and learn how to control portions without counting/measuring
  • Begin living a truly fresh, fit, and healthy life, that is fun and freeing!


When does this challenge begin and end? The first day is September 11th, ending on October 10th! However every day's content comes in an email to you, so no worries if you miss a day as you can save it for when the challenge is over :)

I haven't been "living healthy" at all, is this for me? This challenge is perfect for anyone wanting to jump start their healthy lifestyle and have the accountability it takes to really JUST DO IT. No experience needed. However if you'd like a lot of 1-1 attention, you can always purchase one of my packages for 1-1 coaching by filling out a form here.

I feel like I eat pretty healthy already, will this even benefit me? Yes! Even as a dieitian myself, I know I do best with living out a truly healthy life in all areas, when I have constant accountability and inpiration. You too? Then you will love this 30 Day challenge!

Will I lose weight with this challenge? The daily challenges within this course are not focused on weight loss necessarily, but on helping you create healthy habits that will be long lasting - way past these 30 days. However, if you are holding extra fat, fat loss could most certainly be a result of creating long lasting healthy habits! I focus on fat loss and lean muscle gain as a dietitian over weight loss - you can read more on why here.

How much does this cost me? Only $49 for a full 30 days of workouts, challenges, and weekly Q&As with a dietitian, along with daily accountbility and encouragement through a Facebook group. Less than $2 a day!


Challenge Value: $450

  • 30 Emails with daily workout, daily challenge, and inspiration of the day (sent daily) = $50
  • Live 30min Q&A with Me Weekly (x4): $200  
  • Accountability from a dietitian for 30 days via FB Group: $200


Less than $2 a day!

If you want to "get skinny", weight watchers is more for you. But if you want long lasting change and a community to support you along the way, click the link down below.

Let's Do This.

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