Want to have this year of 2016 be successful?! Here are the top 15 ways to be successful PLUS a daily to do list to ensure 2016 is a success for you!

You may have seen how I did NOT set new year’s resolutions for 2016. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals and a vision for this new year.

I am a big believer that in order to accomplish you goals and to reach your dreams, you have to have a VISION.

So, today I’m sharing the top 15 ways that I believe will help anyone be successful in 2016!

15 Things (1)

  1. Vision Board

    • This is number one because I only lately have read about the importance of doing this, and I’m currently in the making of my own! Buy a poster board, and start printing out photos and cutting things from magazines that in some way portray what you’d like to happen in 2016. Anything about your social life, academic life, career life, blogging life, ANYTHING.
    • Not very creative and don’t want to do that? Simply journal and make a list of everything you want to accomplish or have happen in 2016.
    • Either way you choose, be SPECIFIC. Create a clear picture of everything you want your life to be like at the end of 2016. IN DETAIL. (maybe I’ll get back to you on how mine turns out)
  2. Pause, Be Still

    • This is so important. Like you may have read in one of my latest posts, it’s my ONLY commitment I’m making in 2016. In such a rush-crazed age, we need to make time every day to just pause, be still, and relax. This will give you time to think, to clear your mind, and to be inspired by new goals, ideas, and dreams, as well as reflect on your current goals.
  3. Daily and Weekly AND Yearly Planning/Goals

    • Plan out and make goals for each day, each week AND each year!
  4. Learn from the past, but don’t let it dictate you

    • Be thankful for what your past has taught you and the ways it has strengthened you, reflect on it and evaluate it in order to learn from it, but DONT let it dictate your future. Every day is a new day, and 2016 is a NEW YEAR.
  5. Stop following, become a leader

    • Don’t follow the crowd. Be a trailblazer. You are unique, don’t become a duplicate. Scared to do something or pursue a that dream of yours just because others haven’t done it before? DONT BE. Go for it, shoot for the moon in 2016.
  6. Focus on the bigger picture, don’t get caught in small details

    • When you focus on all the small details of how you’re going to accomplish something, you get stressed out, anxious, and then end of not doing anything. Focus on the bigger picture. Have a vision, but also allow yourself to be flexible in achieving that vision.
  7. Give yourself deadlines

    • Remember in school how you hated your teacher for setting small deadlines each week for that 30 page paper due at the end of the semester, but then was so thankful once it came to the end since you would have waited until the last minute otherwise? Same goes for your own ultimate goals. Set smaller goals and deadlines to get there. Otherwise, you’ll keep procrastinating and never reach your dreams.
  8. Get rid of distractions

    • Is it being home and having your kitchen steps away? Go to a coffee shop to be productive. Is it going on FB “just to check” and being on it for hours? Lock your computer using an app like Cold Turkey to prevent you from going on it. Get rid of ANY thing that is distracting you from being productive with your time and using it wisely.
  9. Step out of your Comfort Zone

    • Nothing great come from the comfort zone. Step out of it. Don’t fear failure. Every single person in the past that has accomplished something great, took RISKS. Be a risk taker. But of course, don’t take risks without calculating things out to make sure you’re not being irresponsible in doing so.
  10. Continue to learn


  11. Don’t fear reaching out to others for advice

    • You can’t know everything. You can’t be good at everything. Be OK with asking people for advice that are more knowledgable than you in certain fields. Often, they will love to lend their advice and help!
  12. Consider a mentor

    • Going along with the above, many people seek out an older, wiser mentor in their life to help them out. I use to have on in high school, and it made all the difference in my life. Someone that has been in your season of life already, and can lend you beneficial advice and insight on things you are going through is SO key.
  13. Stop Multi-tasking

    • Our society has been brought up with the “multi-task or die” mentality. We have so much to do, we have to multi-task, we often think. WRONG. All things, especially including relationships, will suffer if you are not fully present in the thing you are CURRENTLY doing. (I need to take my own advice with this one!)
  14. Only compare when it is leading to positive feelings and fueling your passion

    • Comparison leads to destruction in almost EVERY case. DONT get caught in this destructive path. ONLY look to others to fuel your passion and find encouragement to keep on going. But if you find yourself going through your feeds, comparing yourself to others and then feeling guilty and negative about yourself after…STOP. It is so destructive to one’s life.
  15. Clear your life from negativity: people & things (including your feeds!)

    • Read above for a second time 🙂 I just recently cleared my feed of all accounts that didn’t make me feel positive or good about myself. ESPECIALLY in this “fitspiration” realm of social media. Many of them only make you feel bad about yourself by posting EDITED photos of their bodies. Don’t fall into the trap. If it doesn’t make you feel motivated or good about yourself, DONT LOOK AT IT.
    • And just like I said above about accounts in your feed, goes for people in your REAL life that you surround yourself with too!
  16. Ok I found a 16th, so here’s an extra! Find accountability

    • Now take all 15 things above, and find someone to hold you accountable for doing these things. NO ONE can be who they want to be, without some type of accountability in their life. My closest friends sometimes tell me things I DONT want to hear, and give me advice I DIDNT want to get. But that is why they are my close friends. They tell me what I NEED to hear, not what I WANT to hear!


So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of help as we step into this new year of 2016!!

I want to ask ONE favor as we go into 2016! Answer the questions below please please please 🙂

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