The day is here and my friend Amy and I are now releasing our FOURTH eBook!!

From last summer’s first edition of our Healthy Eats eBooks, to our Holiday edition, to our Pumped Up edition filled with tons of protein packed recipes and workouts, and now, an ebook dedicated to only recipes with FIVE INGREDIENTS or less!

Especially as a college girl, a lot of my friends always tell me how delicious all my recipes look, but how they “could never make something like that” or how they “would never have all those special baking ingredients”.

Ebook - 5 Ingredients or Less

Well, Amy and I decided to solve that problem through creating this 4th eBook, 5 Ingredients or Less!

FORTY RECIPES for only $10?! You can’t go wrong with that!

Or even purchase a package deal of TWO ebooks for only 16.99! Or all four for only $32! That is A TON of recipes 🙂

This newest ebook is packed with delicious breakfast recipes like this PB Mugcake with Strawberry “Icing” (can anyone say hello to a healthy version of a pb&j for breakfast?!)


To tons of snack ideas like these simple Peanut Butter Crackers or Chocolate Date Granola




To delicious lunches like this healthy Tuna Salad



To savory dinners like these Twice Baked Mexican Sweet Potatoes or these crispy Spicy Balsamic Tofu Bites

book-sweetpotatoes  book-tofu

and of course desserts like this Peanut Butter Cookie, or This Caramel Brownie Shake, or even these Black Bean Truffles and so much more!

book-chipcookies  book-brownieshake


..this book has you covered at all times of the day! But you’ll have to buy it to see all 40 recipes 🙂

only $10!

Go here to purchase any of our ebooks! 🙂