I hope you all liked my first video in the Fresh Fit N FREE series! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look HERE).

Now I don’t share EVERY video I make over here, because, well you come to read my writing and to see recipes! And I rather just occasionally write a post here and there about it, in case you want t subscribe to my youtube channel and keep up with all my videos as well 🙂

But this series I’m doing on my youtube channel is one I feel “fits” what I share on this blog more than some of my other videos..So I want to share when I make one. I hope you don’t mind too much.

See, my first video in this series focused perception of food. On seeing Food as FUEL, not as an emotional support out of happiness, or sadness, or boredom..

Now this video begins to talk about our perception on ourselves and our body image. But I realized as I began to record it, that I began focusing on COMPARISON. And that is because it has been way too prevalent lately..I’ve even seen it in my own life!

It is part of our human nature to compare ourself to others. But comparing ourselves not only takes away any joy..it also is a battle we will NEVER win..and that NEVER ends. Why? Because there is ALWAYS going to be someone or something “better” than us in that ONE category that we are negatively focusing on.

Here I share some of my own thoughts, relate it back to my story (that I’ve shared in the past), and offer some tips that have helped me.

I hope you enjoy! Share your thoughts and comments over on youtube below the video 🙂