This month’s recipe redux was perfect as I have to be getting rid of all my food up here in college since I GRADUATE ON MAY 1st!!!! Ahh, they say college flies by but, IT IS SO TRUE. It’s bittersweet, because I will definitely miss being less than a mile away from all of my closest friends (something I think I’ve taken for granted), but I’m also super excited to start this new journey of mine that you may have already see me announce on instagram (@freshfitnhealthy if you aren’t following me!), as I head up to Tallahassee and begin the two year dietetic internship program I just got matched with in order to get my masters in Exercise Physiology and become a Registered Dietitian!

Anyways, enough of me getting emotional and sentimental..I’ll get back to what you all want to see, the theme for this month’s Recipe Redux and the delicious recipe!

“Spring cleaning: Go through your pantry, cupboards, freezer, or fridge; what ‘treasures’ have you found? Pick an ingredient/spice/condiment that’s been hanging out for a while and give it the attention it needs. Share a healthy recipe made using your new-found pantry prize.”

When I was looking in my cupboard and fridge, three things stood out to me. A big bottle of Agave from BetterBodyFoods that I had just a little bit left of from awhile back, a couple Coconut Cashew flavored Quest bars (because this use to be my favorite flavor and then became more in love with other flavors), and then lots of leftover unsweetened shredded coconut..

I mean, the answer was simple. (or at least maybe to a freak like me who dreams of what recipe to make next 😉 )

Healthy Samoas!


Coconut cashew bar baked into a cookie (if you haven’t onhealthy famvir tried it, quest bars baked are AHHHmazing). Aka, all gluten free yet delicious!

Coconut and agave mixed together to form the coconut top layer.

And then melted mini chocolate chips to drizzle on top and coat the bottom of the cookie with.

MMMM. I actually think I died and went to heaven.

Maybe coconut cashew bars with become a favorite flavor again after this recipe making.

And of course, I made a fun little video of the process of making these just because..why not?!

Hope you all enjoy!

Questions for YOU

  • What is your favorite girl scout cookie?!
  • What do you have left in your cupboard that needs to be used up?!
  • What are you most excited for about in the next 6 months?! (of course mine is graduating and starting my new chapter in Tally!)

Until next time,

xo, Sarah Grace


diy Healthy Samoa Cookies {recipe redux}


Serves: 4 Cookies

Serving size: 1 large cookie

Calories: 150

Fat: 5

  • 1 coconut cashew Quest Bar
  • 4 tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
  • 4 tbsp Agave (I used BetterBodyFoods)
  • about 2 tbsp Mini Chocolate Chips, melted
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Break bar into 4 pieces and shape into circular cookies with your hand with a hole in the middle.
  3. Bake for 5-10 minutes, watching after the 5 minute mark. Cool in fridge.
  4. While waiting for cookies to cool, melt ¾ of chocolate chips.
  5. Coat BOTTOMS of all the cookies in chocolate, and place in freezer for 5-10 minutes to harden.
  6. Meanwhile mix up the coconut and agave in a small bowl. Take cookies out and place coconut topping on each top of cookie.
  7. Melt rest of chocolate and drizzle on top! Store in fridge if you don't gobble them all down.