I mentioned in my Spicy Pumped Up Hummus post that I had a little something special coming in preparation for spring break..

Well with Spring Break just around the corner, and at least for me, that means being on a cruise in a bathing suit basically 24-7!

And even though I’m not needing to “lose weight” or anything, I know I want to be as healthy and fit as I can..and I’m sure you all do too!

So I decided to create a sample 1-month calendar of workouts for you as we approach spring break (mines March 1st!)..

but it doesn’t stop there! I have also included a page of fitness tips and example exercises..a page of healthy living tips..along with a page of healthy food options!


I’ll also be posting motivational quotes, workouts I do, and food I eat throughout the month over on my instagram account! So if you aren’t following me, head on over to @FreshFitNHealthy on instagram


Who is ready to get SPRING BREAK READY?! (Or just work off all those winter sweets we’ve been eating from the lingering holidays?haha)

You’re thinking, there must be a catch..all of this for free?!

YEP! All I’m asking is that you subscribe to my YouTube channel..and then comment on the SB Plan video with your email address and I will send it to you!

Head on over to my YouTube channel to subscribe and get the Spring Break Plan emailed to you!!