Fresh ideas to improve your training with sports nutrition

Despite the fact there are several people who believe that only professional athletes and bodybuilders benefit from taking sports nutrition supplements, they can actually help anyone’s training program or exercise routine when taken in moderation. From eating an energy bar before hitting the gym, to drinking a protein shake after your workout, there are various products available, all of which have different uses and benefits.

So, if you want to know how sports nutrition supplements can improve your training and contribute to a fit and healthy lifestyle, here are a few ideas about what you might need.


Protein is perhaps the most widely consumed sport supplement, as it helps to repair and rebuild your muscles after they have been broken down by a workout. The body can digest protein shakes, which are sold as a powder and then mixed with liquid, quicker than alternative methods.

There are several different types of protein out there, including whey, soy, egg and casein. But in a broad sense, whey protein is best for those who exercise intensely due to its fast digestion speed, while casein can be consumed before sleeping as it supports sustained muscle repair.

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Many people think of carbohydrates as a bad thing, but they are an essential part of a balanced diet. Carb products help your body keep going during lengthy and prolonged workouts by topping up energy stores with easy to break down sugars.

Energy bars are perhaps the most common fast-fix carbohydrate supplement, but other products have additional advantages. For example, gels are easy on the stomach, while drinks keep you hydrated.

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After heavy physical exertion, you’re bound to sweat quite a lot. During this process, important salts in your body, which contain electrolytes, are lost and need to be replaced.

Electrolytes are incredibly important for your nervous systems and muscles as well as the digestion process. Thankfully, supplements in the form of drinks and powders can replace lost electrolytes.

Other supplements

Creatine – Popular with bodybuilders, creatine acts as a secondary energy generator for your body and helps enhance muscle growth. Although weight gain is a possibility, those who take creatine suffer from less injury, dehydration, cramping, gastrointestinal disturbance and protein breakdown.

Betaine – A fairly new and somewhat breakthrough sports nutrition product, betaine has health-promoting properties for your heart, liver and joints. What’s more, if one study by the University of Connecticut is to be believed, it can boost muscle strength and power by 25 per cent.

Isomaltulose – Another relatively new supplement, isomaltulose is a simple sugar derived from sucrose and found naturally in honey. If taken before a workout, it can increase endurance and help with fat burning. As a result, you can go harder for longer.

Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your training or simply want to get a bit healthier, there are numerous sports nutrition supplements available that will suit your specific requirements.

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Image by Greg Westfall, used under the Creative Commons license.