A free health challenge calendar to help both you and I get back on track and reach those goals we have! Ready to be #freshfitnhealthy?!

Have you been traveling a lot or just enjoying your summer a little too much where you have gotten out of your fitness routine or just maybe eating all of those favorite foods of yours a little too frequently?

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I’m guilty! If you saw in my instagram post the other day, you know that during my two week trip to California, I only worked out about twice..and neither were that great of workouts.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying yourself sometimes and taking a break from your typical healthy eating and working out schedule! If you read that instagram post up above, or just have been following my blog for awhile, you know I am all about finding balance and being able to live healthy, while still enjoying your life and being able to be social with friends.

But now that I’m about to head up to Florida State to begin my dietetic internship and masters, and HAVE to get back on a schedule again when it comes to classes and such, I decided it’s time to get back on track with my fitness life too. I’ve taken A LOT of time off this summer, just because of travels here and there..but there is just something GREAT about getting back into a schedule, do you agree??

I’m so excited that the apartment I’m living in this year has its OWN gym..aka, maybe more workout videos to come?! But also, that means it will be easier to work out before classes, instead of trying to fit it in between classes while on campus.

I love the feeling of a fresh start, and that’s why I’m so excited about this Fall. A new beginning to GET BACK ON TRACK.

And what better way to motivate myself, then motivate us all by sharing my thoughts on here?! Are you ready to get back on track?!


I decided to make an August Challenge Calendar for myself and for you all! Just another means to get back on track! Each day will have just a little something to inspire you to live a healthier, more fit life.


I apologize for it already being August 13th! But don’t worry, I’ll start coming out with these most months for you all 🙂 Especially now that I’m a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER! woo for passing!

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When searching ways to “get back on track”, I came across UnitedHealthCare’s monthly dare challenge! It seems like such a fun idea, and there are PRIZES involved. What better way to get motivated than to have the chance of winning gift cards?! Simply for posting the ways you stay fit?!

  • Dares of the Month:
    • sharing a hashtag #GetActive, telling us or showing us with a picture how you are getting active today
    • test your smarts by taking a quick muscle quiz
    • do a concentration game matching healthy snacks.
  • Prizes available!
    • by completing each dare, you will be entered for a chance to win a number of prizes such as, several weekly $25 visa gift cards, two $400 visa gift card, and a $400 Sports Authority gift card.

I’m going to begin doing the dares for United Health Care’s challenge, because..why not?! Easy motivation & fun prizes!

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And of course, with my favorite social outlet being instagram..let’s keep each other motivated by using the hashtag #GetActive  if completing one of UnitedHealthCare’s dares..and the hashtag #freshfitnhealthy if it involves following my little August calendar (you can also pin this calendar to keep track of it or just simply print it out!)


That way we can find motivation and encouragement in each other as we start out August FRESH, FIT, and HEALTHY



Until next time,

How do you STAY FIT when you’re busy or traveling?

Are you excited for Fall?! Maybe not to be back in classes for me, but sure am for the PUMPKIN!

xo, Sarah Grace

ps: treat yourself as you get back on track with these HEALTHY donuts 🙂


this is a sponsored post for UnitedHealthcare however everything written is my own thoughts and 100% true!