I’m super excited to share this with you all, as it was such a special day in my life.

“Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are sad, but it is everything in between that makes life worth living”

And I am SO blessed to have the people in my life, including all of YOU for your constant support and encouragement along the way. Your continual comments, emails, and other acts of support and love throughout these last two years is something I am so very thankful for, and could not express in words how much it has truly meant to me.

I can’t wait for this summer to have more time to invest in my passion, Fresh Fit N Healthy! And also to see what lies ahead as my journey continues up at Florida State in my dietetic improvehearingnaturally paxil internship and masters program.

What type of content would you like to see more of?? Workout videos? Recipes? Vlogs and full day of eating videos?

I promise I will keep blogging of course, but I have been loving making videos more than writing a post lately, because I feel like it is just so much more personal, and allows you all to feel like you know me a little better, on a more personal level. Let me know though what you think of my videos lately!

Do you rather read blog posts than see videos? Do you like the combination of both that I have been doing?

Until hearing YOUR feedback, watch my very special day in the video below that shares snapshots of the day I graduated from college at the University of Florida 🙂