Sometimes, you don’t want an elaborate recipe..simply just something you can pull out and eat as a healthy snack. Am I right?

Especially as 2015 begins, we all want to start off on the right foot! It is anything but easy to continue to eat healthy when there are cookies and chips and chocolates laying all around from the holidays though. Cooking Light did a wonderful job in helping this continual problem by creating their new Cooking Light Diet. Which is what inspired me to write a post of my own healthy foods I eat weekly.

That is why I’m writing up a post of some of my favorite go-to, healthy snacks that you can easily keep on hand. Some salty choices, and some sweet. Whatever your craving is, hopefully some of these help you throughout the winter maintain healthy food choices!

  1. Frozen Banana Slices: say what? yes! Wait until your bananas have brown spots on them and are ripe, and then peel, slice, place in a ziploc bag, and freeze! Anytime you want a little sweet, frozen treat..grab a few slices out! Can even dip them in peanut butter, greek yogurt, or my protein pumpkin peanut butter dip (here) for a real treat.
  2. Toast with Cottage Cheese: Don’t write me off right away with the mention of cottage cheese. Does the texture bother you? Make my “cream cheese substitute” (here) and blend cottage cheese into a smooth texture. Ezekiel Bread is a great choice of bread to use as it is made with all sprouted seeds and keeps you full.
  3. Popcorn Sprinkled with Seasonings: Like it salty? Sprinkle the popcorn with garlic powder, sea salt, and cayenne pepper for some fire! Like it sweet? Sprinkle a mix of stevia and cocoa powder, or some chocolate protein powder. Tip? Get the popcorn that has no butter added, and add your own flavors!
  4. Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups: Yes, bringing this back from childhood because it is a wonderful snack! Simply lay out a piece of turkey, place a slice of low fat cheese on top, drizzle a little mustard or low fat mayo, and even add a few pieces of bell pepper if desired. Roll up and enjoy this healthcarewell tadalafil protein packed snack!
  5. Pumpkin Lover Snack: Now if you love pumpkin like me, this is a lovely treat! Simply open a can of pumpkin, add 1 scoop of sweetened protein powder of choice, some milk to get the right consistency, dash of sea salt and vanilla extract, and some extra sweetener if desired. Eat with a spoon or use as a dip for apples!
  6. Smoothies & Shakes: these are SO easy, filling, and versatile to whatever flavor you are craving! I have tons of recipes here on my blog for them, so look around and choose one you like! At night, I love making smoothies with chocolate protein powder and almond milk, to resemble an ice cream/ this girl loves her ice cream. Try my Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie, my Cookie Dough Blizzard, my Mocha Chip Cheesecake shake, my Chocolate PB Shake, or tons of others on my smoothies recipe page!
  7. Rice Cake Pizza: Simple and ready in 5 minutes. Just take a plain rice cake, top with some pizza/marinara sauce, then a little low fat shredded cheese (or cottage cheese if you are a fan like me!), and either eat cold or slightly broil in the oven until cheese in melted.
  8. Mugcakes! So many recipes here on my blog, and many times, I just play around with ingredients and don’t even make a recipe. If you’re not experienced in the kitchen as much though, just take one from my blog..many options, high protein, gluten free, chocolate, berry, and peanut butter varieties! Try my Mint Chocolate Mugcake, Pumpkin Gingerbread Mugcake, my Cookie Dough Mugcake or tons of my other ones on my recipe page
  9. Veggies with Honey Mustard Yogurt Dip: Simply mix 2 tbsp plain mustard into a single container of plain greek yogurt. Add honey to taste, and some cayenne pepper for a spicy variety if desired. Dip whatever veggies you want into it!
  10. Homemade “Hot Chocolate”: This is my all time favorite as I love my nightly hot chocolate. Yes, nightly. Secret? Don’t use the package stuff. Simply heat 8oz of unsweetened almond milk in the microwave, and then stir in a mix of 1-2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia, and a dash of sea salt. Mmmm.