Get better grades this fall.

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Help educate children around the world. Thanks to our Read it Forward program, for every SmartBook purchased by December 31st, 2014, McGraw-Hill will donate a printed textbook to a child in need across the globe. Click here to participate!

You have the power to help educate children around the world! To make SmartBook even more affordable on a student budget, McGraw-Hill is offering 15% off with promo code FORWARD14 through October 31. With your help this fall, SmartBook will have an even greater impact on student education than ever before.

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Why should you buy a McGraw Hill SmartBook?

McGraw-Hill Education’s Smartbook is the first and only adaptive reading and learning experience designed to change how students read and learn. Studies have proven that Smartbook improves student performance by at least one letter grade. SmartBook continuously adapts to a student’s study experience by highlighting content based on what a student knows and doesn’t know.

McGraw-Hill sent me a SmartBook about Nutrition, Contemporary Nutrition, and as a Dietetics student, I absolutely loved it! It was so easy to access and read; it was the most convenient way to be able to read on the go and in between classes since I always have my laptop on me! Whether you’re interested in nutrition like me and want this book (photo below), or any other of the books they have to offer in SmartBook edition, head on over to the campaign link here in order to Buy a SmartBook, and Change a Life. 🙂

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