I could NOT be MORE excited to announce something new I will be doing here on Fresh Fit N Healthy.

From the beginning of this blog, it has been about recipes and only recipes. And don’t get me wrong, that will STILL be the main content of this blog. But every once in a while, I feel like all my readers would love something more personal, or insightful, or humorous, or something that makes you think. The few times I have posted something like that, you all have given nothing but positive feedback, so when this came to mind, I had to go with it!

I’ve always tried to convey a little bit of my personality through my recipe posts, unlike other food blogs that simply post the recipe and a photo, but I was feeling the need to express myself and my thoughts in even a more personal way..so you could really feel like you knew the girl behind Fresh Fit N Healthy.


SO, I have decided to start a “Hashtag” series, in which every once in a while, I will pick a topic to write about that YOU have requested, and the title will be #____(insert topic here)______.

This will let you in on a more personal side of me along healthcarewell provigil with all the delicious healthy food recipes I will continue to be sharing throughout the week.

What type of topics will these blog posts be on you ask?

That is where YOU COME IN. Whether it be through email, or a comment on my blog, you all can let me know of a topic you would like to hear about! It can be a more personal life topic like faith, a health topic like superfoods, a fitness topic like supplements, or ANY OTHER RANDOM TOPIC. Let this be something fun, something inspirational, something that makes you laugh, or something that makes you think. It can be as specific of a topic or as broad as you like (of course, you’re giving me the reigns to take it wherever I’d like if you keep it broad 🙂 ). It can be a specific question on what I think about something, or it can be a suggestion of a topic you’ve heard about that you’d like me to give my two sense about. I want each and every post in this series to be original and different.

What do y’all think of this?!

Email or comment away so I can get to choosing my first topic to write about!

Until then,

xoxo Sarah Grace