Needing some extra motivation through the month of November? Here is fun little health and fitness calendar to add some extra inspiration in your every day!

See, I’m hosting this weightloss challenge through Diet Bet called Fresh Fit N Healthy Through Fall this month!

ps: you can still join! There is over $4000 in the pot right now, and over 100 others that will daily be encouraging and inspiring you as you all reach for similar goals! Go here to to enter!

You have a chance of winning prizes and money!! (see full details in this video). PLUS, it goes till December 1st, aka, after Thanksgiving. There’s some motivation to enjoy in MODERATION this Thanksgiving!

Anyways, if weight loss isn’t your goal, or you don’t want the extra motivation..

I wanted to share the fun little calendar with you as well along with those of you who ALREADY ARE a part of the challenge!



Sarah Grace

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