Needing some extra motivation through the month of November? Here is fun little health and fitness calendar to add some extra inspiration in your every day!


November: the month between ALLLLL the holidays. But guess what? Small changes make a huge difference. And this health and fitness calendar can help you make those small changes.

Health and Fitness Calendar?

This one month health and fitness calendar will provide you small daily tips and challenges, to keep you going in the right direction through the fall and all the holidays. From fitness, to food, to health in other areas.

The holiday season can be full of SO many things: fun, stress, good food, family, friends, relaxation, the list goes on. But sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated through these seasons of FUN, to stay active. Reason for this health and fitness calendar 🙂

I wanted to share the fun little calendar with you, to help you stay #freshfitnhealthy through the holidays!



Sarah Grace

health and fitness calendar health and fitness calendar

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