Do you want to know what the TOP tips are to tapping into your fullest athletic potential are? Here is the secret to reaching your peak performance from the Twins’ MiLB staff!


I’m officially an AUTHOR and have my FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK!!

chasing freedom by sarah grace

Yes, you see that right!! I have been secretly working for over a year, writing a REAL book on my story, on my past eating disorder, on my years of running, my years of struggle, and most importantly, my year of triumph and finding freedom through Christ! 

I am SO SO excited to finally release the big news (If you haven’t already seen over on instagram!), and allow you all to find YOUR FREEDOM through this journey of mine. After so many of you voiced how the small bits and pieces of my story that I have already shared have helped you, and after the many questions asked through comments and email about my story and how I overcame some of the deepest valleys in my life and came out a conquerer… I knew God was leading me to write a book. I will have another post coming soon on this all, but I truly am praying that this story can bless you or a friend in some way. Read the back cover here and more about what the book will offer you!


Now to the planned post for the day before I realized it would be published last night 🙂

I told you all in this Snickerdoodle Protein Bites post that I was going to begin sharing more nutrition tips and tricks as I get closer and closer to becoming a registered dietitian finally. So just like I did in this Chocolate Cherry postI’m holding up my promise!

When I was back home the other week in southwest FL, I got the AMAZING opportunity to shadow the Twins’ MLB dietitian, Kate. (she actually has a great blog herself over at the Educated Plate!)

I thought this would be the perfect time to make a nutrition focused video, and she agreed. But instead of it just being Kate and I, the strength and conditioning coaches opted in to join as well and bring their top nutrition tips for reaching peak performance as well!

Top Tips forPeak

I hope you enjoy this video, because I am getting to spend THREE weeks with this dietitian in June/July in order to complete a different dietetic internship rotation after my Diabetes Camp rotation in Tampa next week! So look forward to many fun yet educational videos to come 🙂

We talked about so many things throughout my day at the Twins’ facility, but it is SO amazing to see how the MLB teams are recognizing the importance of nutrition now and beginning to hire full time dietitians to help improve the players’ performances.

No workout can outdo a bad diet. And even if you think your immune to that statement because of already reaching such a high level in your sport…just begin to let the question of “how much greater could you be than you already are if you fed your body right?” takeover your mind for a little 🙂

Anyways, towards the end of our day, we talked to some of the strength and conditioning coaches, and what they think is most important for these Twins’ baseball players to reach their potential in the sport.

What are the TOP TIPS though you may ask?

  1. SLEEP: at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night for high level players; and include a nap if possible between practices!
  3.  …
  4. *extra tidbit from me!*

You knew I was going to do that, didn’t you?

Watch the video below to hear ALL of the Nutrition Tips for Peak Performance from the MiLB staff!

until next time,

  • What nutrition tip do you tend to live by?
  • Are you a baseball fan?
  • What nutrition topic do you want to hear about from us next?!

xo Sarah Grace