Have you ever felt like something is impossible? Have you ever been told that you WONT be able to do something? That you aren’t capable of reaching a goal of yours? I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN. You CAN overcome the odds. And it all starts in the mind.

This is a special post for me, because exactly 5 years ago yesterday, I crossed the finish line of the state championship cross country race in first place. Yep, that’s me in white..

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But this wasn’t special only because I had won. It was special because leading up to that race, I had raced anything but well. I had only the 28th fastest time in the state. I had seen in articles that I wasn’t even in the discussion for the title. When looking in the “realistic glasses”, coming out on top that day was IMPOSSIBLE.







Here’s parts of an article written before the state race on me to show you I’m not just making this up..

“Well, it’s been, interesting and busy are probably the best words. I had some of the best summer training I’ve ever been able to do, put in a lot of mileage for the first time, and was really excited for season. As the season came around, I had a couple of off races to begin with, which kind of messed me up mentally. As districts and regionals came up, I think I finally got back into it mentally, and with the help of God’s strength, I feel like I’ve been doing better and better each week, and am definitely ready for states.”
So far this year, the Fort Myers senior, has a season best of 18:37, only the 29th fastest time in the state. She reminds us not to be fooled by the numbers and knows the competition Saturday will be fierce.
“I’m fully aware my times haven’t been the fastest this season, but I know I’m capable of so much more It’s just putting it all together for once and racing my race, we’ll see what happens.

I was fully aware my times that season had caused people to count me out. Not only for the title, but for even the top 5. It had even made me count myself out for most of the season…

But, I knew anything was possible.

I also knew that I had to believe if anything was going to happen.


See, senior year was a rough year. After a long, grueling summer of training that I put all of my heart into, my hard work didn’t seem to be paying off as the season started. After the first race of the season going horribly, I began to mentally count myself out before the gun even went off, running slower times for most of the season than I had in tempos over summer.

Despite my coach continually telling me I was capable of so much more, and capable of winning, things just weren’t coming together, and I was getting mentally weaker with every bad race result.

But something changed. And just in time. After a horrible season and not even being ranked in the top 10 for the state race, I came to that race believing, for once finally.


It was hard to convince myself at first that I had a chance, after all, I was ranked in the top 3 the prior year and still didn’t even get top 5. So what would make this year different? What would make me get past that hard spot in the race that I always struggled at and fell behind the pack at? What would make me finally believe in myself??

The mind.

I know running quotes always say running is 90% mental..but after this senior season of mine, I couldn’t agree more. Except I think this goes way past just running. LIFE IS MENTAL. I’ve realized that if you’re going to achieve anything in life, you have to BELIEVE. You must persevere.


I hadn’t believed in myself or had much perseverance all year long, and it certainly showed in my results. But with the encouragement of the people closest to me that DID BELIEVE in me, like my coach and my mom, something came over me before the state race and I began to believe.

For once, I wasn’t going to let the fear of failure hold me back. I was going to go for it. I was going to go all out and never look back. I was going to trust in God as my strength, and run in confidence. And because of that, I crossed the finish line in a time I had never reached before, and crossed in first place.

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A girl who wasn’t even ranked in the top 10, who wasn’t on anyone’s radar to win, was now state champion.

Article after the state race: “If there was really one individual shocker of the day, this was it. Going into the race, no one really put Spann in the discussion for the title..or for the most part even top five. But Miss Sarah Spann, looking strong even to the finish and kicking with all her might, won the state championship today. Dressed in all white, she flew up the final hill with a huge PR. “

See, the “impossible” is possible, if only you believe.

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t..YOU ARE RIGHT.

Get up in life and BELIEVE that you can achieve more than you ever have before.

BELIEVE that you are capable. BELIEVE that you are worth more than you think you are..

Whether it is a fitness goal, a career goal, an athletic goal or a personal goal you have had for awhile now..BELIEVE and put all you have into achieving that goal.

Because of experience athletically speaking, I know that the worst feeling is finishing, knowing that you had more left to give. The year before, at the same state championship course, I was ranked 3rd, yet didn’t place top 5 because of not giving it my all or believing in myself.

Whether it is an athletic goal, a career goal, or a personal goal, give it all you have. Finish that race, that game, that year in work or life, PROUD. Proud that you gave it all that you had, and that you believed in yourself finally.

Knowing you believed in yourself, and that you gave it your all, is the most incredible, emotional, and joyful feeling you will feel. You will never regret it.

What are YOU believing you can achieve today??

Believe in yourself

Tips for Believing in Yourself and having a More Powerful Mind

  • Reevaluate your Core Beliefs:
    • we tend to create false beliefs of things that “aren’t possible” or that you “can’t do”. Rule these out. Typically if you are saying never, it’s false.
    • Hold on to the beliefs that give you hope and encouragement. For me, that is in God and in his promises in the bible for strength and to always be with me. I fell back on bible verses every time I doubted the week before states 🙂
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts
    • this is SO beneficial in any area of struggle. When you catch yourself saying you can’t, quickly stop yourself and say 5 positive things. (my mom made me do this every time I said I couldn’t win before the state race)
    • Wake up saying a few positive things, this will set the tone of your entire day
  • Step out of your comfort zone
    • Don’t think that you are not “mentally strong” just because partaking in something or believing in something makes you feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is okay, actually its good! Nothing great comes out of being comfortable.
  • Ask yourself: What is the Worse that can Happen?
    • Many times you’ll realize, why NOT take the chance or believe you can do it? There’s usually not much to lose in believing in yourself..but much to gain!
  • Surround yourself with others that are mentally strong, believe in themselves, and most importantly, build you up, and believe IN YOU (even when you don’t believe!)
    • When you are constantly hanging out with people that are negative or don’t believe in themselves, it is going to rub off on you. Or worse, if they are cutting you down, that is only going to prevent you from believing in yourself. Surround yourself with people that are going to build you up, inspire you, and encourage you to be the very best you can be. And tell you that YOU CAN even when you are saying you can’t.
  • surroundyourself

Watch this short video including my state championship post-win interview if you’d like 🙂

Skip to minute 6:15 to just see post-race interview