Wanting to cut back on the animal products a little? Try incorporating some of these plant based protein bowls in your diet!

If y’all know me at all, I’m all about my protein. Plant based protein, animal protein, all of it.

I just love it, it makes me feel good when incorporating into every meal, and I believe there are so many benefits to having enough protein in your diet.

And even though I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I would also never hate on anyone who chooses to do so, because that’s the beauty of nutrition. It isn’t one size fits all, and if something works for you and helps you live a healthier lifestyle, than by all means do it! I did write up a post on the nutrients you may be missing on a vegetarian and vegan diet, just for those of you who do follow them and want to make sure you’re GOOD TO GO 🙂

Anyways, I do love me some tempeh and vegetarian bowls every once in awhile. Because all those plant based protein sources are just SO YUMMY. Hello sweet potatoes, brown rice, veggies, fruit, tempeh, tofu, squashes, the list goes on and on!

So when I saw Recipe Redux’s theme this month, I was excited:

Packed with protein, fiber and color, plant power bowls are trendy and delicious. Show us the healthy recipe that’s in your bowl.

Howeverrrr, then LIFE got in the way, my masters program got in the way, my TWO internships I’m simultaneously completing got in the way…and YEAH.

Reason why I’ve been MIA on almost every platform lately..I apologize guys! But I’m hoping things will slow down soon enough.


But no fear because I have a great community that has my back, and wanted to share THEIR plant based protein bowls with you all!

As you all know, I’ve been using my plant based About Time protein powder in almost ALL my protein recipes and smoothies (you can try it for 25% off with the code fff1 here), versus whey, because I’ve realized it just settles better with me! And I DO feel like I should begin having a couple meatless days here and there. So again, just another reason I’m excited to share these delicious bowls with you all!

Plant Based Protein Bowls You’ll Want To Try

  1. Jessica from Hello to Fit’s Blackened Tofu Buddha Bowl w/ Creamy Avocado Sauce vegan bowl
  2. Sarah from Bucket List Tummy’s Vegan Antioxidant Protein Power Bowl plant based protein
  3. Farrah from FairyBurger’s Tahini Freekeh Power Bowls plant based protein
  4. Kaila from Heathy Helper’s Fruit and Almond Milk Power Bowl plant based protein
  5. Laura from Sprint 2 the Table’s Sriracha Peanut Tofu Power Bowl plant based protein
  6. Myra from The Happy Health Freak’s Superfood Smoothie Bowl plant based protein
  7. Tempeh Quinoa Bowls by Chelsea’s Heathy Kitchen plant based protein
  8. My Matcha Avocado Smoothie Bowl plant based protein
  9. Kelly from Tasting Page’s Grain Free Cauliflower Buddha Bowl plant based protein
  10. Nutrition Stripped’s Nourish Bowls — and the recipe to make the perfect bowl! plant based protein
  11. Jessica Gavin’s Teriyaki Tofu Bowl plant based protein
  12. Popsugar shared Complete Protein Vegan Meals under 400 calories… plant based protein
  13. Buzzfeed shared 10 Vegetarian Bowls here…plant based protein
  14. And lastly, Buzzfeed again shared 17 Vegetarian Bowls here! plant based protein

So I hope all of these delicious looking plant based protein bowls, has convinced you to try out some meatless, vegan meals!

What is YOUR favorite plant based protein?

Do you like brown rice, or sweet potatoes better?

Tempeh or tofu?

Until next time,

xo Sarah Grace