Joining a gym can be a great way to get fit, but you don’t need to have a gym membership in order to

see results. If you do not have a gym in your area or simply don’t want to pay the membership fees,

there are a variety of workouts and things that you can do right at home to stay fit and healthy. There

are no excuses when it comes to your health and overall well-being. Enjoy these low-cost and even

free workouts that will provide you with the same great results that you would get out of a gym



Going For a Walk

Walking is one of the best and most realistic activities to do that will help you to stay fit and healthy.

Best of all, walking only requires a good pair of shoes and absolutely no equipment. If you’re typically

a very inactive person, start off by going for a short, brisk walk around your neighborhood. While you

don’t need to be running, your walk should put you slightly out of breath, but not too much so that

you can’t carry on a conversation with your walking partner. After you become more used to walking

regularly, walk in areas where there are slight inclines and at a faster pace.



Like walking, hiking it a great way to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors. A hike will get your

blood pumping while you take in the amazing views that surround you. Hit up a local hiking trail in

your area and rest at scenic spots along the way. Beginners will want to start with shorter, easier

hiking trails, while those who are more advanced may opt to enjoy longer trails with harder obstacles.

A day spent hiking is sure to feel much more rewarding than a few hours at the gym.



         (Me in Malibu hiking as I visited my friend Amy!)

Workout DVDs

You don’t need to make up your own workout routine when there are plenty of different exercises

DVDs out there. All you need to do is pop in the workout routine of your choice and start moving.

There are workout routines for all different types of people. This includes everything from Pilates and

yoga to more intense cardio and kick-boxing sessions. No matter what level of exercise you’re looking

for, there are options available for everyone.

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