Work With Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace is an experienced fitness expert and available for one-on-one consulting and coaching.


  • Bachelor’s in Food Science & Human Nutrition with a focus in Dietetics
  • Certified Personal Trainer through NASM
  • Pending: Masters in Sports Nutrition and Dietetic Internship (completion date: May 2017)
  • Many years as a competitive athlete and as a Division 1 College Runner
  • Individual Florida State Champion in Cross Country

Whether your goals are to get healthier mentally, physically, or nutritionally, I can help you get there.

FreshFitNHealthy Coaching Packages & Plans

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IE Counseling

  • 4 thirty minute skype calls that will cover intuitive eating and get you to a healthier place mentally with food

Initial Nutrition Consult

  • Only $90 for each follow up after! Your needs will be assessed, goals will be formed, and a plan will be created.

DIY 4-Week Plan

  • Personalized Fitness Plan (does not involve weekly support of Sarah Grace as your Coach)

Kitchen Makeover

  • Renovation of all the foods in your kitchen + Healthy Makeovers of your Top 10 Favorite Recipes

Grocery Store Tour

  • 60 Minute Individual Tour around the Grocery Store of Choice

Public Speaking

$30000 +travel reimbursementone-time
  • 60-90 minute presentations (see below for details)
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy
sarah grace fresh fit n healthy

Personal Counseling Services

Intuitive Eating Counseling: Four 30-minute Skype/in-person sessions — $250

  • Sick of diets failing you? Have you heard about eating intuitively and desire to listen to your body again, getting back to your roots of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you are full? This program is for you!
  • In the initial 30-minute session, we will get to know each other, I will introduce this concept of intuitive onhealthy wellbutrin eating, and we will discuss your greatest concerns/frustrations. The next three sessions will include anything we come across in our initial session that is needing the most work/guidance on, as I walk you through the steps of listening to your body once again. Handouts will be provided.

Nutrition/Fitness Coaching

1. Initial Nutrition Consult: $125

  • 60 minute in-person/skype consult: The initial one-hour consult consists of obtaining important information from you; for example, medical history, weight history, dietary recall, and food preferences. We will explore your past and present eating behaviors, as well as your attitudes and beliefs about your food choices, weight, exercise patterns and appearance. Together we create a plan; to help you meet your individual goals. Preliminary nutrition education will be provided.
  • Follow-up Sessions: $90 — These sessions are designed to promote movement toward a better relationship with food and improve your overall health and mental well-being. Nutrition education is a vital part of the follow-up visits/calls, but it is also a time for us to assess your progress. Nutritional goals will be reviewed and updated accordingly.
  • Add a customized 1 week meal plan on for $150: Ever wish someone would just “tell you what to eat and when”?! This is a must have addition. This meal plan will be created specifically for your needs, preferences and schedule (a la carte $200).

2. DIY 4-Week Fitness Plan: $125

  • This option involves Sarah Grace creating you a one time, 4-week customized workout plan, according to your own goals and answers to a questionnaire.
  • This option does NOT include one-on-one coaching from Sarah Grace in any way or any nutrition plan. She simply gives you the tools, and you do the work by yourself!

3. Email Consultation/Questions

1-month Question & Answer $45.00

3-month Question & Answer $100.00

6-month Question & Answer $175.00

1-year Question & Answer* $300.00

  • *allows for 3 emails weekly (limited to 3 questions/email)
  • An e-mail consultation? Internet counseling?
  • YES! Though most nutrition consults involve face-to-face contact with clients, email/internet counseling has emerged as a cutting-edge trend in healthcare and will only continue to grow in popularity and prevalence over the years. After contacting me with your nutritional concern I will respond to let you know if I can help. Next, I will ask you some basic questions in order to provide a more personalized one-on-one nutrition care plan.

Kitchen and Grocery Tours

1. Kitchen Makeover — $200

  • It is exactly what it sounds like! I come into your kitchen, going through everything from the freezer and refrigerator to the pantry and cupboards, making a list of the things that are good and not-so- good choices. I will create a shopping list and kitchen staples list after the assessment for you, and also will re-invent 10 of your favorite recipes to give them a healthier twist where you can feel good about eating them!

2. Grocery Store Tour — $100

  • Going into the store with a healthy mindset for the first time can be overwhelming, but with a plan and guidance, all of that stress can disappear! Through this tour, I will go through items and aisles that are good choices, and also talk you through and give you explanations on why some of the products you are use to purchasing may not be the best.
  • This 60-minute individual tour includes a grocery store guide, label and nutrition facts panel guide and customized shopping list.

Public Speaking

Group presentations offer nutrition education for a specific target audience on the topics you wish to discuss using PowerPoint presentation, cooking demos, handouts, recipes, guides, food samples and more. Targeted audience can be any group such as gyms’ fitness instructors, sports teams, sororities/fraternities, parents, coaches/teachers in a department, or any health and fitness professionals.

  • 60-90 Minute Presentation starting at $300 + travel reimbursement

Topics of Presentations (open to your ideas as well)

  • Building Your Brand, Social Media 101, Social Media in the Nutrition Field, Using Social Media to Grow Your Company, How to Publish a Book
  • General Good Nutrition/Healthy Eating, Sports Nutrition, Protein Intake and Athletes, Hydration, Adolescent Nutrition, Healthy Eating for Busy Lifestyles and/or Dorms and College, Disordered Eating Help, Recognizing and Treatment for Eating Disorders, Intuitive Eating – listening to your body again, Healthy Weight Loss, Maintenance and Gain, Healthy Cooking Classes, Reading Nutrition Facts Labels, Healthy Grocery Shopping, Pre-Wedding Nutrition and Weight Counseling, Pregnancy Nutrition, Essential Vitamin and Mineral Intake, Food Allergies, Intolerances, Vegetarian and Vegan Diets, Gluten-free Diet, Heart Disease Prevention, Intestinal Issues, Celiac Disease, Diabetes

Are You A Brand or Company Looking to Partner?

Please contact me at freshfitnhealthy {at} gmail {dot} com for a current copy of my partnership rates and media kit. Thanks!