Looking after your body should be one of the most natural and basic instincts in your life. However, in our modern society, it can seem hard to not give into temptation and neglect to take care of your basic health and fitness. But did you ever stop to consider the fact that in some ways, the modern world can actually help – not just hinder – your efforts? Check out these technological innovations that have revolutionized the way we can take care of ourselves…
Gym Equipment
The first, and most obvious development over the last few decades has been gym equipment. Whether you have some in your home, or you pay a monthly contract, you’re benefitting from a simple way to get fit without necessarily needing to battle the elements. Most machines these days will track your every movement – from your distance, the calories you’ve burned, to your heart rate, in many cases. Fifty years ago, that spin class you take? It just wouldn’t have been possible. So be thankful.

If you’ve developed a nasty smoking habit (why… just why?) then it’s time to kick it. Luckily, E-cigarettes are helping people to do exactly that. With none of the nasty tar present in real cigarettes, they’re a good middle ground for anyone trying to give up. Websites like Ecigwizard can provide people with a range of options for these quit-smoking aides, and whilst they’re not recommended for people who want to start smoking (again… why?), they’re great for those who want to leave this dirty vice behind.

The Internet
Hear us out on this one. From blogs, to Instagram, the pictures and stories on there can be inspirational – make that fitspirational! Whilst Instagram needed to be used with caution (a before and after pic doesn’t tell a full story, after all, it can be great for motivating you to get similar results and for showing off your hard work. Blogs can give you some fantastic tips and advice, and social networking platforms like Facebook can connect you to like-minded individuals to work out or find classes or healthy restaurants with.

My Fitness Pal is a bit of a revolution in itself, and can really help with everything from weight management, to food intake to, well… fitness. Available for a range of types of phones, you can input your goals and your activities, as well as what you’ve eaten, and it will record it in a form of modern diary! It’s pretty cool, as it then gives you info as to amendments you can make to stay on track. Other Apps which can help your health include My Sleepbot, which assists you with a healthier sleeping pattern, and good old YouTube, where you can get loads of at-home workout videos, for free!

From the trusty pedometer to the more advanced Nike Fuel Band, you can keep track of every activity you do and use it to help you in your efforts to lose weight, tone or just keep fit. With a digital tracker, this basic but effective method of tracing how you stay active is a winner.