Struggle with negative body image or negative self talk? I’ve been there, and I want to shed some light on this topic.

what are your thoughts on social media and and the affects it has had? do you like how it has allowed us to keep in touch with our distant friends? do you hate how you go to dinner, only to watch the kids at the table near by looking down and on their phones the whole time, not engaging in conversation with their own family? or how it has led to women everywhere in the world to think poorly of themselves when they aren’t a specific size or weight, leading them, actually US, to struggle with negative body image for years?  I think it’s time we put down our laptops and phones, and LOOK UP.

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How I feel about social media?

sometimes I love social media, sometimes I can’t stand to see the negative body image effects it has had.

taking use away from being fully there in the moment, giving us a desire to reach this state of unrealistic perfection.

we look at photos in magazines and social media, and think that we are not good enough..and never will be. instead of being inspirational and motivational, it has become the greatest cause of negative body image issues, stealing our joy.

negative body image

I was there myself.

Something I want you all to know:

For YEARS after “overcoming my eating disorder”, I still struggled with thoughts and lies, trying to make their way into my head. I had NEVER struggled with these kind of thoughts pre eating disorder. But for years after, the lies wouldn’t stop trying to penetrate my head.

well i want to tell every single person out there reading this that YOU ARE ENOUGH. you are the only one that can be you. & that is something special. allow people and the media to inspire you, to desire to become a better version of who you were yesterday; but never allow it to lead you down the destructive path of comparison or the road of negative body image. it’s not worth it, i promise. clean your feeds. have your mind and time filled with only things directing you towards FREEDOM from negative body image thoughts and obsessions, not to them.


being size 00, having flawless skin or hair, or getting a lot of “likes” has no meaning at all, when you can’t love yourself, unedited and raw.

i uploaded a special, short video that goes along with this all, simply watch below or CLICK HERE <3

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NEVER let anyone or thing make you feel you are inadequate. NEVER let content in the media or in your feeds lead you down the agonizing path of negative body image or self talk. YOU are enough.

negative body image