Want to know all about the top vitamins to take out there, what they can help with, and what vitamin company I use?! Look no farther!

I’m sure you all hear the names of “the top vitamins to take” (and supplements) from people regularly, whether it be the typical multi-vitamin, or the fish oil, or the CoQ10, or the vitamin D, or the Calcium, or the vitamin C, or even melatonin is becoming a popular one!

But do you know WHY you should be taking these vitamins and supplements? Or what they can do for you? Or even if they are FOR you?

Well, that’s why I’m here. I’m here to break it all down for you, and then share what (yummy gummy) vitamins I use daily, because after many of you have seen them on my snapchat story (sarah_grace11), I’ve been getting asked what company I use often!

best gummy vitamins

So let’s GET DOWN TO IT. Here are the top vitamins to take according to what people out there are taking most of, and all about each one individually. That way, you can know which ones you personally should be taking, and which you can gain benefits from!

  1. Multi-Vitamin:
    1. I don’t think much explanation needs to be said about this one. It’s a good “safety net” for all to be taking, as it covers your basis on any of the core vitamins and minerals you need daily! It will correct nutritional deficiencies you may experience every once in awhile depending on your diet, and simply help keep you healthy and feeling good! It’s hard to consume all the nutrients you need in food alone with how our food is grown and processed today, so taking a multivitamin is key!
  2. Vitamin C:
    1. Sources: oranges, strawberries, red bell peppers, kale, broccoli, papaya, mango
    2. Feeling sickness coming on or approaching the flu season? You may want to start taking this if you aren’t already — and getting a lot of it in naturally through citrus fruits!
    3. Improves immune function, iron absorption, wound healing
    4. Helps maintain healthy skin
    5. Protects against cardiovascular disease
  3.  Vitamin D3 (easiest form of vD for our body to absorb!)
    1. Main sources: beef liver, egg yolk, fatty fish, and cheese
    2. May be needing this if you aren’t getting much sun exposure, since it’s hard to get enough of through food.
    3. Crucial for bone health
    4. Improves cognitive function (memory loss or struggling in school?)
    5. Benefits mood
  4. Calcium
    1. Main sources: dairy
    2. Vegan diet? You may need to be taking this one since you aren’t consuming dairy!
    3. Crucial for bone strength and density
    4. Aids in metabolism
    5. Provides cardiovascular benefits
  5. Omega-3 (Fish Oil Pills are a form of this)
    1. Main Sources: fatty fish, nuts, seeds, oils, eggs
    2. Anti-Inflammatory
    3. Aids in memory and brain capacity
    4. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
    5. Known to naturally boost mood and mental health
  6. Biotin — where my ladies at that want healthy hair and nails?!
    1. Sources: carrots, nuts, spinach, greek yogurt, eggs, halibut
    2. Thickens hair
    3. Supports healthy nail growth
    4. Creates smooth and silky skin
  7. CoQ10
    1. Sources: organ meats, beef, spinach, broccoli
    2. Improves energy
    3. Supports a strong heartbeat
    4. Helps reduce risk for heart disease
  8. Melatonin
    1. Many people are taking this now with having trouble sleeping. Thankfully, it’s a natural sleeping aid, so you are good to go to take it when you’re having a hard time falling asleep! I used to take this quite often when I went through a rough patch of insomnia.
    2. What better way to fall asleep easier than to take this in GUMMY FORM?

 So now I get to talk about the FUN PART

The kind of vitamins I GET to take… GUMMY VITAMINS

top vitamins

yep, i get to eat that many gummies GUILTFREE every day

If you follow me on any social media outlet, you know I have loved my gummy vitamins for A WHILE.

Well I found this amazing company called VitaFive that are ADULT GUMMIES. Thank goodness I don’t have to feel bad about not growing up anymore as I eat kids gummies.

But that’s not even the best part in my opinion. This company packages all 4 vitamins of your choice into DAILY PACKETS, so you can take them on the go and have them all with you for the day!


I chose the Biotin, Omega-3s, and CoQ10 this month around, since I already had leftover multi-gummies of my old walmart-brand ones 🙂 But next month I think I’ll be adding the multi-vitamin too since you can choose up to 4!

top vitamins

They come with pre-made combinations depending on your goals…or you can choose your own like I ended up doing!

adult gummy vitamins

And depending on the packet, a month’s supply is from $29-39! About a dollar a day. I think I can spare that even on my tight college budget in order to get in all my nutrients and keep that hair growing long 🙂 It may seem like a lot, but thats only about 7 starbuck’s drinks…

gummy vitamins

So for all of you who have asked what vitamins I use daily, and “what are those yummy gummies you always have in your snaps??”… THIS IS THEM.

I get sweet cravings every day without fail. Now, I just eat my vitamins as the solution 🙂

The definition of nutritious and delicious!

So now my questions for YOU:

  • Will you be trying THESE GUMMIES out as your vitamins next month?!
  • What vitamins do you regularly take now?
  • Gummies or swallow (no fun) pills? (I think you know my answer to this one!)
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