Frustrated with your current diet regimen? Feeling like a failure at time? Like your weight loss journey isn’t working? Let me tell you why.

Can you relate to any of this along your weight loss journey?

Why Your Weight Loss Journey ISNT WORKING:

weight loss journey

It happened again. How could you let yourself do it after promising yourself last time it would NEVER happen again. But you let it. You did it once again.

You are on the kitchen floor, elbow deep into that box of cereal.

You ate that entire box of cookies.

You scooped out every last bit of that ice cream container.

You tried to be healthy by eating a protein bar, but 3 protein bars later realized you only wanted more.

You feel sick.

You feel disgusting.

You feel like a failure.

You feel embarrassed. Embarrassed that this happened. Embarrassed that you always fall into this secretive eating. Secretive eating that makes you feel stuffed, physically sick, and just simply GROSS.

After all that food the other night you PROMISED yourself you would never do it again.

But you DID.
You DID eat another packet of cookies.
You DID eat more chocolate.

You DID eat until your stomach hurt and you wondered, desperately, will this ever end?

Will you EVER really feel in control around food?

Does this sound like your weight loss journey at all?

Or look like this?

weight loss doesn't work

As a soon to be dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition and a history of disordered eating myself… I have learned one VERY important thing. Nutrition is KEY to achieving any health goals, and if you are malnourished or missing key nutrients, you will never achieve the health or the body you want to.

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Oh sure, you can give it a go and continue doing what you are doing.

Eliminate the carbs.

Demonize the sugars.

You can even hire those awesome colorful unicorns to dance around your dinner plate to ward off unwanted calories.

But you CAN’T lose weight long term if your body is nutritionally depleted.


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