I’ve seen a ton of people make videos on “what’s in my gym bag”, but with always going straight from home to the gym and back, I never really had a need for a gym bag!

But now that I’m going back to school (for my masters in exercise physiology, woo!), I’m going to need one.

So here is what is in MY gym bag. It’s all pretttty simple stuff, nothing too exciting. But thought you’d like to know anyways!

Gym Bag Essentials!

  • A Gym Bag! (who would have thought?!)
    • right now I’m currently using a bag PopSugar gave me at VidCon. Almost like a beach bag, but I use it for everything, whether for traveling or for the gym!
  • Gym Clothes/Shoes AND a Change of Clothes
    • You never know when you’ll be driving and realize you need to go STRAIGHT to the gym instead of stopping at home, so this way, you have NO excuses. But on the other hand, you never know when you’ll be at the gym, and realize you need to go STRAIGHT to somewhere else..so an extra change of clothes is always a good thing!
  • Deodorant!
    • Going along with extra clothes, in case you need to go somewhere after, you don’t want to be smellin up the whole place or be that one person with BO..do ya?
  • Sunscreen!
    •  I LOVE nothing more than taking my workout, OUTSIDE. Especially if I am doing any kind of cardio, I refuse to run or anything inside on machines; I NEED to go outside. BUT, you can get bad tan lines or even BURNT with this hot Florida sun, so I’ve been using this new, NEUTROGENA® CoolDry Sport Sunscreen! Because I HATE the feeling of sunscreen on, but this one is SO lightweight and it doesn’t get all sticky, “coated feeling” on me. I can go longer and #pushfurther in whatever I am doing with it! (they are running a fun campaign right now actually on how do YOU push yourself further..hence my hashtag thrown in there)
  • Dry Shampoo
    • Because let’s be honest, who’s got time to actually wash their hair?! Not me :p Reason why dry shampoo always saves the day for me. Yes, I use it allll the time. It’s even great to use BEFORE and after! Because then
  • Toiletry Bag
    • You just never know when you’ll need to reapply..or when that time of month is going to come. So along with my Neutrogena sunscreen, I keep make up face wipes, make up, and some tampons in a little bag just innnn caseeee 🙂
  • Pre/Post Workout Snack
    • I ALWAYS keep a protein bar, typically a quest bar, who would have thought haha. You don’t want to have to go to the gym hungry, because you’re workout will suffer..but you also don’t want to have to go a long time after working out without food (or stop and get a not so healthy snack because you’re starving)..so pack a snack!
  • Powder BCAAs/other supplements
    • So I don’t typically use pre workout, because it just makes me anxious and almost shake (NO thanks!), but I do use this delicious BCAAs coconut water powder stuff from MRI after! Oh my, after trying it at an expo, I instantly ordered more because it tasted SO GOOD. and it’s only 70 calories per scoop and 7 grams of protein + bcaas! So this sometimes serves as my post workout snack until getting home and getting real food!
  • Water Bottle!
    • One thing I think I lose ALL THE TIME, my water bottle. I’ve gone through so many because I tend to just leave them randomly in places..oops. Anyways, right now I’m just using this simple yet cute white and pink one!
  • Head Phones!
    • If I don’t keep an extra pair in my bag, I WILL forget to bring them. And nothing is worse than having to listen to the softly playing gym music while everyone else is jammin out to their own music. Trust me, been there ONE too many times, and my workout is totally sub par when I do!

So now that I’ve shown you what is in MY gym bag..tell me,

  1. What is is YOUR gym bag?!
  2. What do you use so that you can #PushFurther in your workouts?
  3. What’s your favorite pre/post workout snack?!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Neutrogena.