The misconceptions around the intuitive eating lifestyle heard frequently

Intuitive Eating has been gaining popularity lately, which is AWESOME. However because of that, I feel like some are doing 1 or 2 things. 1) jumping on the bandwagon without knowing what it truly IS (and is NOT), and 2) saying negative things about it because of not knowing what it truly is (or is not).

OR some people are just really wanting to be FREE from dieting, yet are afraid of this whole intuitive eating concept because of some myths out there on the intuitive eating lifestyle.

Either way, there are definitely misconceptions circulating around intuitive eating, and that’s why I wanted to share this post and video, on the main 6 I hear! Because I want nothing more than for you to experience a healthy yet FREE life, my friend. And that is why I’m a huge believer in ditching the diet 🙂

6 Intuitive Eating Myths

Watch this video for the reasons (and realities) of each of these myths, but here’s the list of the intuitive eating myths below 🙂 


  1. Listening to your body = Don’t listen to your brain

  2. You’re going to ______ weight (lose or gain!)

  3. It’s a no-nutrition/fitness-involved, life

  4. Go back to your childhood roots = literally eat what you ate as a kid

  5. Intuitive Eating means you’ll just eat ice cream every day, all day (or whatever that one food you have deemed off limits for so long)

  6. It’s Easier than Dieting


So here are the 6 I hear a lot. Make sure to watch the video on the 6 Intuitive Eating Myths to hear WHY they are myths and what the realities are. And if you’re into learning more about this lifestyle, click here for an awesome opportunity!


Before I go I want to hear from YOU! What is a fear of yours about intuitive eating? Or what myth have you heard circulating??

Come tell me on here!

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