I was asked to review an app called BAND by a community I’m a part of, and I’m sure glad I accepted!

What is BAND may you ask?!

It is a group communicating app that allows you to stay social, organized, and in touch with the groups that matter in your life! You can plan events, write shared-to-dos, take polls, share pictures, etc. with 1 to 1,000 friends.

It even allows for traditional posting and chat, as well as group polling, community calendars, file sharing and photo albums.

In my experience so far with it, I was able to use it as a student for group projects! As a senior dietetics student, I have had one too many of them this semester, and BAND helped so much! Our group project was on somehow measuring plate waste in a middle school cafeteria that we got assigned in our city, and then finding a preventative measure to decrease the waste. I got all my friends in a group through BAND, and we were able to share the photos of the data we collected, share our “to do” lists that we were all needing to still accomplish, and plan the event days that we would go to the school to collect the data.

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But I am super excited to use it for personal reasons too! Like typical messaging back and forth with friends, or sharing our latest photos from the weekend together. BAND seems to be a great app, and I’m happy I tried it out as I know there are so many out there, that sometimes its hard to find the good ones!


Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 9.07.31 PM