Don’t know where to start in reading the Bible? Here’s a bible reading plan for July for inspiration during your quiet time this coming month

I have had so many requests for a bible reading plan and questions on how I have my quiet time every morning, that even though I’ve made this video on it before, I decided I am going to start a new AREA of Fresh Fit n Healthy, for all things faith — including monthly reading plans!

DISCLAIMER of Bible Reading Plan:

Now I know this isn’t something EVERYONE is interested in, so no worries if not. But my faith is a huge part of why I even began Fresh Fit n Healthy, and has played a major role in my life altogether.  Fresh Fit n Healthy was always a place for me to share chase my passions in a way where I could also add value to your lives — starting with just healthy recipes, then expanding to nutrition tips and my journey as an RD2Be.

Lately, I knew I was being called to add another element to Fresh Fit n Healthy — my faith walk. As a believer, this is a huge part of my life, and after so many of you liked this video, I thought, why not share more content in this realm?

As I walk into yet another season of life post-graduate school as a soon to be dietitian, my passions have expanded as well! I’ve been brainstorming how I can use all my new passions to continue to add value to your life, so here is the kind of content I’ll be offering in the coming months — get pumped!

Content Areas of Fresh Fit n Healthy — Click to sign up for my NEW newsletter (you’ll mark what you’re interested in so you don’t get stuff about them all!)

  • Food

    • Recipes: Yes, I’m still keeping my healthy recipes coming!
    • Nutrition: This will also be the section where I share nutrition advice as a soon to be registered dietitian.
  • Fitness

    • Workouts
      • I’m going to start sharing fitness challenges and workout videos here and on my channel, to help keep fitness FUN and you MOTIVATED
    • Workout Apparel:
      • Many have also asked for a “look book” on the types of active wear I use — and since both my hobbies and my job now will require me wearing athletic clothes, I’ll be adding some posts here and there of my newest favorite workout clothes!
  • Faith

    • Bible Reading Plans: Since I try to do my quiet time every morning and read the Bible, I decided sharing what I’m reading may help encourage you and
    • The REAL REEL — Thoughts/Struggles: It’s easy to get caught up in all the “fakeness” going on in social media, and the comparison game as we see only people’s highlight reels. As they come up, I’ll be sharing new things I’m personally learning from God and through this called life, struggles I may be going through, and anything else related to my faith walk! This will be an area of total transparency and authenticity.
  • Freedom

  • Fun

Back to the Reading Plan!

This month we’re diving into Matthew, as it was the FIRST book I went through myself when trying to having a personal relationship with Jesus, and it was such a wonderful one to go through. So I’m going back to it now, and would love for you to join me!

Click the Here for the Reading Plan in PDF form

(but the image below will show you what it looks like!)

Use the hashtag #FreshFitnFREE  and tag me, @freshfitnhealthy, if you post anything about it so I can see 🙂

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