Here is a full day of eating by a dietitian – along with why YOUR body probably has different needs.

As I continue incorporating a little running into my life again with plans of teaming up with Natural Delights Medjool Dates to run the Gasparilla Half Marathon – I thought it was time to talk about INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and do another full day of eating video again.

I used to do these type of videos all of the time, but stopped because of one concern: people thinking that what I ATE, was exactly what THEY needed to eat. But then as time went on, I realized maybe it could just serve as some healthy inspiration without the negative part of it. So I asked YOU on my instagram story, and here is what you said:

full day of eating

So with those results I knew it was definitely time to make another! Here is my full day of eating video as I begin picking up a regular workout schedule again – but read below for WHY this isn’t what you necessarily need in terms of amount of food, along with some other good ideas for balanced meals below!

Summary of Full Day of Eating

  • First thing in morning:
    • Homemade fresh green juice from mom because I was visiting home for the week #perks
  • Leg day at Gym
  • Pre-Breakfast:
    • Apple cider vinegar shot (something new I’m trying)
  • Breakfast:
    • Coffee with liquid stevia + Barleans chocolate greens
    • Zucchini Oats (actually used shredded cucumber because was out of zucchini hah!) with NowFoods liquid stevia, Natural Delights medjool dates chopped up, chia seeds, coconut, and 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • 2 Mile Run
  • Lunch:
    • Big Salad with chicken, feta cheese, nuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Snack:
  • Dinner:
    • Sushiiiii dinner
  • Late Night Snack:

Watch this video to see it all quickly!

full day of eating dietitian



Let’s talk quickly to make sure one thing is clear: What I eat or what my body needs – ISNT what you need to eat or your body needs.

I want to make that very clear because years ago even I fell into wanting to follow what other people on their blogs and instagrams were saying they ate. And I felt I was “bad” or “overeating” if I was eating more or not the same foods. It’s why I’m ALL about promoting NOT falling into those unsustainable, 1-size fits all diets.

Why should everyone’s needs/eating vary?

  • We all have different bodies:
    • height, weight, muscle mass, age – all play a huge role in how much you need daily
  • We all have different genetics:
    • some people you hate and have trouble gaining weight – others have to pay a little more attention in hopes to lose it
  • We all have different goals:
    • lean muscle gain, fat loss, sport-specific, bulking, leaning out, running a half marathon, toning up, general weight loss – ALL have different prescriptions in terms of what you should be eating and how you should be training.
  • We all have different activity levels:
    • Probably evident, but if one person is running 50 miles a week and one does yoga 3x/week… they will most likely have different energy needs.
  • We all have different ratios of muscle tissue and fat tissue
    • The more muscle you have – the more energy you are burning even when just SITTING. So if you have a ton of muscle versus fat tissue – you will have a higher resting mentabolic rate and thus, higher energy needs.
  • We all have different food preferences
  • We all have different schedules and time constraints
    • A busy mom on the go continuously – versus a student in class all day – versus a busy professional traveling weekly… will all have DIFFERENT eating schedules and plan that work best for them
    • I have clients in ALL categories – and the individualized plans I make for them are VERY different.
  • Stress plays a HUGE role in our daily needs – and varies DAILY (here are some ways to deal with it)
  • We all have different LIVES. We are NOT the person on instagram that we follow. And because of that – we DO have different needs and different ways of living that better fit our life. Falling in the comparison trap is SUPER easy. Try to avoid it at all costs – as it is a downward spiral.

ALL of these things make what YOU EAT in a day – very different from what others should eat in a day. It’s why I challenged everyone on instagram to HAVE A NEW PERSPECTIVE on healthy eating and living.

We’re all super busy. And so it’s easy to want to just follow what OTHER people are doing in hopes of making it a little more brainless for you and in hopes of getting similar results as maybe that one girl on instagram. But that’s why I offer an individualized BLUEPRINT for my 1-1 clients who decide to join me in the FreshFitnHealthy Academy.


So tell me – what is a favorite meal of YOURS to eat? Any favorite go-tos lately?? Or what is your experience with 1 size fits all diet/meal plans??

Thank you to Natural Delights Medjool Dates for partnering with me on this post as I prepare for the Gasparilla Half Marathon with their team!

Always remember friends: