Lately I’ve been coming across a problem.

With having to make dinners for one, I find myself either throwing out a ton of food, or eating leftovers FOR DAYS.

Neither sounds like a good result, right?

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.51.38 PM

Well after skimming pinterest, I found what I believed was a WONDERFUL IDEA.

I should have thought of doing this months ago, after seeing my mom always freeze our extra mangos and avocados from our trees that we couldn’t eat in time..


But I didn’t.

See, that is the secret. FREEZING meals.

freezing meals

Whether you eat part of the meal you make and then freeze the rest, or you make a meal JUST for the means of freezing it and having it ready for when you don’t feel like cooking at all..It’s a genius concept.

But watch out. Freezing foods in any way doesn’t necessarily lead to the best results.

See, plastic ziploc bags tend to lead to freezer burnt foods..only to dethaw a dried out mess. YUCK.

That’s when I remembered what my mom always used…


The FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer saves the day!

This girl is NOT good with confusing electronics..but this is anything but! It was so simple to set up, and even easier to use!

So HOW do we create and freeze meals?!

turkey meatballs

Let’s take this meatball recipe on mine for example!

1. Simply make the turkey meatballs using this recipe

2. place them in a FoodSaver® Bag

3. Seal according to instructions.

4. When wanting them, simply set in fridge the night before to de-thaw, and then

heat up as normal before eating!

SO SIMPLE. Right?!

I just meal prepped all my protein for the week, by making tons of chicken breasts and turkey meatballs..and then vacuumed sealed and froze half for later!

meal prep

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Here’s another example that I just created, Slow Cooker Pumpkin Butter Chicken and Sweet Potatoes!


All you do is:

1. Cut up 2 bell peppers & 2 sweet potatoes

2. Mix together the pumpkin mixture in a small bowl (recipe here, or simply use

store bought pumpkin butter!)

3. Seal the bottom of the bag with the FoodSaver® System

4. Place the pumpkin mixture in, followed by the peppers, sweet potatoes, and then

chicken breasts

5. Freeze using the FoodSaver® Vacuum System

6. When ready to eat, thaw by placing frozen bag in fridge the night before. Then

place in Slow Cooker in the morning for 4-6 hours on low and go about your busy

day. Come home to a great dinner!

So there you go! Some great tips on freezing foods and meals, and two delicious recipes

to start out with!


● Have YOU ever frozen meals before?

● What freezer meal would you like to see next on here?

● Do you like pumpkin butter?? (I’M A HUGE FAN)



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the FoodSaver® Brand through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer System, all opinions are my own.