First off, you have probably realized this, but I’m trying to write posts on more than JUST food recipes. What are your thoughts?? Don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing lots of yummy recipes! But just feel like I have so much more to offer you than that through my own health and fitness journey, and I’m finally feeling comfortable about opening up more so that I can help others out there with it all 🙂

So at first reading this title, you may think, WHAT?! Most people be over here writing about how to LOSE weight and you’re writing about how to GAIN weight?!

Yep! Why? Because that is what I have experience in.  If you’ve been following my blog or social media channels for awhile, you know my story and how I’ve had a past with anorexia. Well, with that came gaining weight, getting back to a HEALTHY body physically and mentally.. And I have to be thankful to God that I was able to do it on my own without getting hospitalized first.

And over on my youtube channel after sharing this story, a few people asked if I could share tips on how I gained weight again after getting low for that dumb modeling company.

It all starts with the MIND.


You have to CHOOSE that you actually want to gain weight before you will EVER gain weight and keep it on (not to mention onhealthy arcoxia actually be healthy MENTALLY).

Sure, people like your parents or dietitians can give you a food schedule or try to make you eat..

But to REALLY get to a healthy place, it is all about WANTING to change. WANTING to gain weight. WANTING to truly be healthy again.

And that is ONE HARD STEP.

My mom use to tell me all the time, “Sarah, JUST EAT. It’s not that hard!” And as much as I see the truth in that now..when your mindset is messed up and stuck in the disordered eating world, that line from someone else is NOT going to work.

What did I do? I had to be honest with myself for once. I had to take a good look in the mirror and ask, do I like what I see?! Am I happy with my life??

And the answer was clearly no. Along with genuine friends and close family to help me along the way, of course shoutout to the big man upstairs that truly gave me the strength to change.. I was able to finally get to the place of WANTING TO CHANGE.

Once I got there, it was SO much easier like I said.

I offer all my other weight gain tip HERE in this video below. I would love your thoughts and what you’ve seen work with you or others below! <3

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