Have you been looking for that ONE diet that will just shred those pounds in LITTLE time?!

Well, I have bad news for you..

Nothing that is TRULY healthy, is going to offer that.

See, losing 10 pounds in 1 week, would require a thing called starvation.

And over here on Fresh Fit N Healthy..that’s not what we stand for.

I’m writing this post to raise awareness of all of these FAD DIETS.

They may lead to short term weight loss, as any kind of diet where you severely decrease your calories will do.

But guess what? That also leads to KILLING Your METABOLISM.

Yeah, that thing that when revved up, burns all those calories we love to consume? Well it basically shrinks up and begins to HOLD EVERY LITTLE CALORIE it can get..


Well our bodies have been trained from birth in severe famine to save up all that it can. So when we starve our bodies (aka, consume VERY LITTLE calories, like around the 1000 or less), our metabolism suffers.

And that is why ladies {and possibly gentlemen that may be reading this}, people may lose weight initially on these diets..but as soon as they begin eating normally again..

BAM. The weight begins to come on. and quick. Because their metabolisms are no longer burning as many calories as they use to..So when people on these diets even begin eating what they USE TO EAT, they will gain more weight than they would have if never going on the “diet”.

Alright alright, enough of Sarah’s speels.

Let’s look at a VERY POPULAR diet out there that claims to get you in shape quick when you need it (or as they say, “when your ex is coming into town”). Dying of laughter. They claim they will help you lose 10 pounds in one week..

But now that I have told you what starvation does to your metabolism and long term weight, what do you think about this diet?



Bottom Line:

DONT DO THE D {aka, diet}

Simply begin to slowly eat more clean foods and live a more active lifestyle if needing to lose weight..and remember, the number on the scale does NOT decide your worth as a human being 🙂

xo, Sarah Grace