Today we’re talking about WEIGHT struggles, because many people I’ve talked to feel THIS is their biggest struggle. Here are the reasons we gain weight.

After talking to SO many of you out there through my FREE 10 minute coaching call I offer, this is how part of the conversation seems to go 99% of the time.

Me: So _____, what is your biggest goal looking forward in 3-6 months?

Awesome Human: So I know what you preach and I know weight SHOULDN’T be the FOCUS… but I just don’t feel comfortable where I’m at so if I’m honest, it’s to lose ______ lbs.

I laugh every single time and tell the person, HEY, that’s TOTALLY understandable. Because guess what? Yes I focus on wellness and not weight – and yes it’s more about your overall quality of life getting better instead of just a number. BUT I DO understand that we all have a “general place” that we feel COMFORTABLE at. And when we aren’t at that – we don’t feel as confident, we don’t feel as alive, and we simply don’t live out our amazing potential as a human.

So with that being said, I DO help my clients create a better overall quality of life (more energy levels, increased self confidence, reaching performance goals), and more often than not – it involves their weight changing! Weight NATURALLY comes off when I begin teaching my clients how to live a healthy a fit (yet FUN) life. Cool right?

losing weight

Anyways, here are the 7 Reason We Gain Weight – which one do you struggle with?

Let me know in the comments! And schedule a free call with me here if you think achieving your weight goal is finally super important to you!

tips for weight loss

1. We don’t eat enough early on

  • When you skimp out on breakfast or cut it out completely in hopes to save your calories for later on – you end up OVER eating at your next meal because of your hunger hormones being imbalanced and you being SO hungry, you simply don’t make the healthiest decisions. Eating a good breakfast can set you up for success throughout the rest of your day and give you the energy to do all the things you want to do!

2. We never check our weight/body fat

  • I’m all about NOT becoming obsessive over the number on the scale. 100%. BUT, I see some people live in denial which leads to not changing their healthy habits and daily living. Body fat is definitely a BETTER indicator of progress, but if you don’t have the access to a machine that does that (or someone who knows how to pinch your fat and measure!), then weight is the next best option.
  • With my 1-1 clients, I have them check their weight every 1-2 weeks, because that is the main indicator I use to see if the plan I have created for them is working or not! How will you ever know if the plan you are following is good for YOU and your individual body/goals, if you aren’t tracking weight or body fat?

3. We sleep too little or too much

  • Under AND over sleeping can lead to weight gain according to studies out there. ESPECIALLY not getting enough sleep (6 hours or less). Why? Because this increases levels of cortisol in your body, a stress hormone, which is directly correlated with muscle break down and fat storage. NO bueno.
  • Try to not get less than 6 hours of sleep, but no more than 9 hours either!

4. We eat mindlessly

  • Eating while watching TV or working can be DETRIMENTAL to your goals. You end up not listening to your hunger cues – which leads to overeating. And overeating ultimately WILL lead to weight gain over time.
  • Try to be mindful as you eat. Don’t eat while working, studying, watching TV.

5. We eat excessively

  • Going off of last point, just like mindless eating tends to lead to excessive food consumption, you also have to be careful of excessive eating due to other things. If you’re here in America, you probably know that portion sizes are WAY bigger than a typical, healthy portion.
  • Use my Handy Portion Guide, so that you can begin eliminating this problem of excessive eating – without meticulously measuring out foods (or when you’re out to eat and CANT measure)

6. We miss meals

  • With busy lifestyles and chaotic schedules, sometimes it’s really hard NOT to do this. But when you miss your meals, this goes back to #1, where you end up having hunger hormone imbalances and overeating at the next meal.
  • Plan ahead or plan to fail as they say! But it’s so true. Try planning out your meals – whether it’s making them yourself or purchasing from a local meal prep company!

7. We eat too quickly or on the go

  • Eating quickly. Eating on the go. Both lead to eating mindlessly, which tends to not trigger your “I’m full” thoughts and internal cues. When you don’t think about what you’re eating and you don’t take time to enjoy it – you end up usually thinking you’ve eaten less than you have, which in the long run, leads to overeating past what your body needs.
  • Try to eat all your meals sitting down, and take time to ENJOY the flavors.

So there are the 7 reasons that could be leading to your weight gain. Let me know in the comments which one you need to work on! And again, schedule a free call with me here if you think achieving your weight goal is finally super important to you!