overcoming eating disorder

Find YOUR Freedom today.

Come along with me through my personal journey of overcoming hardship and an eating disorder, to find your very own freedom too!

Whether it's an eating disorder, constant food obsession, or anything else chaining you down from reaching your potential in life, find ultimate FREEDOM now! 

What's Inside

This book takes you through my past valleys in life, where, feeling out of control, I fell into an eating disorder. But it surely doesn't end there. It ends on the mountain top of freedom. Offering life lessons I learned throughout the journey to the top, come walk my journey with me of breaking my chains so that YOU too, can break the chains holding you down.


Life is a Journey. 

"I used to think life was all about reaching the finish line. But now I realize it's more about the journey there."


The Landslide 

"I used to think eating my veggies was catastrophic. Now I realize life comes with much more devastating events than eating green beans or swallowing vitamins."

Other Chapters:


Remaining a Victim

"I used the think the actual injury was what scared me; but now I realize it was the recovery process I feared most" 

Desiring Control

"I used to find peace and comfort in having control; but now I realize that the greatest gift I've been given is the freedom of knowing Someone better is in control."  

Finding My Source of Control

"I used to think Iwas invincible from certain things; but now I realize that thinking only leads to being overtaken by those exact same things."

Two Are Better Than One

"I used to love the idea of being completely independent. But now I realize dependency is key".

What others are saying...

“I just read your book for the second time already. It’s incredible! I will always want to read anything you write."

"I can't believe how much reading about your journey, helped me in my own, very different journey as well. I have been allowing things for TOO long to hold me back from a free life, and YOU helped change that. THANK YOU!!!"

“AWESOME book. Loved it! I started last night before bed and then…finished it around 2:30am! It’s amazing the parallels between our lives. Very very insightful and I loved learning about your perspective and victories.”

"My daughters and I read your book. It was beautifully written and truly inspirational, especially for our oldest Taylor who recently began NYU pre-med. Your candid story and sincerity is compelling. We are truly amazed at all your accomplishments, but further, how you overcame obstacles and persevered eith self-determination and your unflinching faith of the Lord."

About the Author

Meet the fresh, fit n FREE young woman behind this inspirational memoir, Chasing Freedom.

Sarah Grace Spann

Sarah Grace is a young entrepreneur and soon to be dietitian, who has a passion for nutrition, fitness, and helping others make real CHANGE in their lives to reach their potential. Owner of the healthy living blog and instagram, Fresh Fit n Healthy.

“I decided it was time to stop letting my past define me, and instead, let it strengthen me and grow me. It is what has given me an expertise and a passion in an area I would have known nothing about otherwise. I want to share my love and passion for living a healthy and FREE life with the world. That’s what this book is about. This book will help motivate anyone and give them the tools to break their own chains weighing them down from a #freshfitnFREE life.”

overcoming eating disorder

Find YOUR Freedom Today.

Break the chains that have been holding you down for too long.

Just imagine a life, FREE from what you've been struggling with most. It's possible. It's right around the bend.