Feeling FRUSTRATED by trying one thing after another in order to attain your health goals, yet still failing to ever reach them? Here is the ONE thing preventing you most!

We’ve all been there. I know I have.

We listen to a podcast or video, or see an instagram post, and become inspired to make a change. We begin thinking about what specific change we want to make. We set a goal for ourselves.

AND THEN we begin to google tips and tricks out there on the internet about how to reach that goal, whether it’s “how to lose 5 pounds” or “how to lose fat” or even “how to eat healthy”.

Take a moment and guess which of those 4 steps I’m going to call out as being that ONE THING that is preventing you from reaching your goals?

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Ok now proceed 🙂

preventing weight loss

You may have guessed right. Maybe you didn’t. But I’ll give you a hint.


nutrition myths

Yes. As a social media influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur where my WHOLE business is online…I’m telling you that it can be your BIGGEST DOWNFALL.

Which is why the step of “googling tips and tricks out there on the internet about how to reach that goal”, is the ONE THING I’m calling out as what is preventing you from reaching your goals.

WHY do I believe the internet can be your PITFALL in reaching your health goals?

You come across things like THIS as you search for inspiration and nutrition advice. Since a photo is worth a thousand words, here you go:

Starvation diets that promise instant results…

why diets don't work

Restrictive Diets that aren’t needed and cause food fears…

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.18.33 PM

Just plain nonsense that somehow people still fall for buying into…

why diets don't work

comical image I found on the internet…

More empty promises of weight loss “if you do this…”

why diets don't work

Negative #fitspiration that only causes self-esteem issues…

negative fitspiration

People on social media pretending they know what they’re talking about, when in reality, they have ZERO science to back it up…(nor probably nutrition education for that matter)

why diets don't work

“Eat this” or “avoid this” weight loss promises, that either don’t work or aren’t a sustainable plan to follow.

why diets don't work


And SO MUCH MORE. That’s just a few I came across with a quick google search.

So how do we combat this all??

  1. Be CAREFUL what you listen to.
  2. Make sure you TRUST the person you’re listening to
  3. Along with #2, make sure this person is QUALIFIED to be giving nutrition information
  4. Clear your feeds of “fitspiration” that is anything but inspiring and only makes you feel bad about yourself
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But I have something extra for you all!

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I’ve come up with FIVE things to STOP doing today, along with an action plan form to fill out for you all!

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