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Don’t feel like you have TIME to “be healthy”? Here are FIVE super simple things to begin doing TODAY!

Being More Healthy. It’s one of the most frequent goals I hear from clients and friends.

Being Too Busy. It’s one of the most frequent excuses I hear as to why said client/friend can’t accomplish said goal above.

So today I’m breaking self health into FIVE super simple action steps, that you can begin doing TODAY. And guess what? If you do, I PROMISE you will begin FEELING better, and looking better!

5 Self Health Action Steps


1. More Good Food Habits, Less Bad Food Habits

  • We all have our “weaknesses” and things we don’t want to give up. And balance truly is key! However limiting those bad habits, and increasing those good food habits, is also key.
  • Bad food habits to decrease: overeating, drinking alcohol, skipping meals, high saturated fat meals, drinking your calories
  • Good food habits to increase: consuming adequate fiber every day, eating whole unprocessed foods, eating breakfast, eating every 2-3 hours, buying more lean proteins and less high-fat meats, moderating alcohol consumption, listening to your body and stopping when you are full, fueling your body with enough energy.
  • Try prepping some easy meals to keep you on track like this one dish chicken fajita bake, or using my free meal planner to plan out your week!

easy chicken fajita

2. Take a Probiotic

  • Your stomach is considered the core of your body’s overall health and well-being and can affect your entire body, including immunity, digestion and more. We all have good bacteria and bad bacteria in our systems, but the key is to increase those good bacteria in order to fight off the bad and keep your system functioning efficiently. That’s where a daily probiotic can help!
  • Taking a probiotic will lead to better self, health and wellness, AND immune system support. I’ve recently begun taking these probiotics from Renew Life Probiotics, which are available at health food stores and major improvehearingnaturally acyclovir retailers. Visit Renewlife.com for more information.


3. Exercise Regularly and Increase Activity

  • Exercise is something you probably could have guessed would make the list, but don’t just think of it as “having to go to the gym”. You can live a MUCH more active lifestyle, by small changes.
  • Some small changes to make your lifestyle more FIT: park farther away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take 5-10 minute walk breaks during work, find a club that allows you to play your favorite sport again, go on a walk instead of out for dinner with a friend to catch up, make yourself do 25 jumping squats every time you walk into the kitchen, ect…make it FUN!

4. Hydrate

  • Water water water. You wouldn’t believe how many of us are daily dehydrated. If you begin “feeling thirsty”, you’re already dehydrated. And staying hydrated is KEY to feeling good, maintaining good digestion, having bright, healthy skin, and beating the bloat!
  • Try to keep a bottle of water with you anywhere you go, it will remind you to drink up!
  • Can’t drink enough plain water? Hydrate with a fresh juice like this one below.


5. Manage Stress Levels

  • This one you may not have guessed within the realm of “healthy living”, but mental healthy is just as important as exercising and eating nutritious foods. Stress typically goes hand in hand with binge eating, skipping meals, weight gain, and overall unhappiness.
  • Find what works for you personally to DEstress. Whether that’s going on a walk, taking a hot bath, journaling, calling a friend, meditating/praying, or simply RESTING (which tends to be anti-our-culture). Also creating a stress-free morning routine is SUPER helpful too!
  • Take 5 to THINK of how YOU can de-stress next time that terrible thing comes back into your life!

Begin doing all 5 of these things daily, and you will be AMAZED at how big of a difference you’ll end up seeing and FEELING.

Now tell ME, what do you feel has helped you FEEL GOOD and HEALTHY?

xo, SG

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