Finding your why, may be the single most important part to success in your life, or overcoming any barrier – whether eating disorder or any other struggle

I talk about finding your why and ask everyone over on instagram what their why is a lot, but it’s not something I talk about much on here.

But I’m going to start blogging more about things like this along with recipes.

See, I just recently announced my brand new program, Break Up with Dieting… and guess what my FIRST module (of 10 modules) is all about??


The root is something you’ll get to explore if you join me in my course (crazy sale going on right now!). But finding your WHY, is so key when trying to achieve ANYTHING in life — whether it’s recovery or any other incredible dream in that mind of yours, because…


find your why

And as much as we would all love to achieve our greatness dreams or easily recover from our struggles… it’s usually not an easy path. There are typically a lot steps backwards and failures, with every step forward.

But guess what? That is a GOOD sign, because it means you are TRYING. And if you’re trying, you will experience these set backs — it’s only when you’re staying in the comfort zone or in a stagnant place, that you don’t experience any of these steps backwards or failures. But you also don’t experience any of the AMAZING feelings of achievement or freedom either.

I read something once and it said this: failures are the surest road to success.

And as much as I loved the thought of that and repeated that a lot when things were going great — it’s a lot harder to swallow when you DONT succeed or you DO have that step backwards. If you’re anything like me, you wish the road was just a little more smooth sailing to that goal you wish to achieve or that place of freedom you want to get to.

So because LIFE ISN’T EASY… I’ve come to find that I need a HUGE WHY behind what I’m trying to do — that will push me to continue and never give up, even when I want to. Even on the days I feel like throwing in the towel and resorting back to my safe place. I’ve found that finding your why is a necessity. Or you will call it quits when it gets tough.

For me, my biggest current venture is conquering my biggest dreams as an entrepreneur, in a world where I DON’T know anything about business — but know God has called me to more than just the typical RD job.

But at one time — my biggest goal and dream was to conquer my eating disorder once and for all — despite other dietitians telling me I would always struggle with it.

No matter the goal or dream though, I always will have the same WHY that roots deep and is my foundation for all I do: God — having a desire to follow His Will for my life, and wanting to honor my body that He has given me, so I can feel my best and reach my potential in life.

Both in my health goals and my business related goals — this WHY drives me to continue, even on the hard days, even on the days I want to stop, even on the days I’m exhausted and want to just crawl into my little hole again.

So let me ask you now: what’s your why, friend?

Need some help discovering that?

Tips to Finding Your Why

  • Take 10-15 minutes of complete silence, where you spend time just meditating on what is your biggest driving factor and passion in your life. Then ask yourself:
    • Ask yourself what is my greatest passion?
    • If money weren’t a driving force, what would I be doing every day?
    • When making a huge decision in life, what do I base it on?

Here are some other’s answers from my instagram post!




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